Union due corrections are coming!

Due to the implementation of the disastrous Phoenix payroll system, many of our members have been either underpaying or overpaying their membership dues. As a result, in the coming months, most of our members will see:

– Adjustments in November to reflect the proper amount of union dues being deducted
– Union due refunds or recoveries.

It’s important to remember that the blame for the Phoenix pay system disaster and improper union dues being deducted is on the federal government – both the Harper government for setting Phoenix up and the Trudeau government for rolling it out despite warnings from unions (including ours).

Letters detailing each specific member’s circumstance will be mailed out in November. If you’ve moved, please contact the PSAC to update your address.

Also please visit the PSAC website for further information and for answers to many frequently asked questions regarding this topic.


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