Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Update March 19th

We would like to express a huge amount of appreciation to everyone in the call centre who has contributed in providing critical services to Canadians during this difficult time. The employer is working hard to get as many employees as possible teleworking. Please reach out to your union representative or manager if you are unsure if you meet the technical requirements for telework. Please take this opportunity to work at home where your risk of exposure and transmitting COVID-19 is the lowest. We have been working with the employer to make reasonable arrangements for all employees. At this time, even small contributions will help to provide support and resources to the must vulnerable Canadians.

We would also like to express our appreciation to all other workers at our local, from all departments, who are coming into the office or teleworking. As we transition to telework, please continue to participate in social distancing efforts if you come to the office to pick up equipment. Please continue to bring your concerns forward to your union so that we can support you through all the changes that are occurring.

In solidarity,

Executive of UTE 00014