Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Update April 7th

The Hamilton-Niagara TSO employees have worked tirelessly over the past several weeks to help our fellow Canadians who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every member of our local should be proud of their hard work and contribution to supporting Canadians in need. The health and safety of our membership has been at the forefront of our most recent interactions with management. Justin Trudeau and health care professionals across the country have warned about the risks of infection and have provided guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our employer has worked with our union to implement protocols to ensure that physical distancing measure are being respected within the workplace. Please ensure that you are participating in physical distancing if you report to the office to pick up telework equipment.

We have been blown away at the overwhelming support from our members who have volunteered to work on the phone lines for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. 9000 employees of the CRA have put their names forward to help. Since the CERB line opened on Monday, there have been over 800,000 applicants. We have many members who are home and unable to work for various reasons such as lack of childcare, or work stoppages on non-critical workloads. Our local would like to express our appreciation for those who are unable to work. Your time in isolation is helping to keep Canadians safe by helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 cases.

Please stay safe and continue to reach out to your union with your concerns.

In solidarity,

Executive of UTE 00014