NPSW Message from our Secretary Sandra Harrington

I can say without a doubt that I would have never guessed this time last year that this is how we would be celebrating Public Service Week this year!

In the state that the world is in today it may seem challenging to find anything positive to talk
about however, I know that some good has come of the recent events going on in the world
today. The main one is awareness! I know that we have many critical issues to tackle and as a member of your local it is my hope that all our members feel that they can approach us so we can address these issues together.

I am so proud of our members and how we have stepped up to serve our fellow Canadians in
such challenging times. Our employer has recognized our service in platitudes, I hope in the near future they will recognize our hard work and dedication with a contract.

As Public Servants we strive to do our best, this is also true for us as a union. Although it can be a challenge to find positive things to mention I think that since the pandemic forced many of us to work from home, this has given us more time for ourselves and our families. Many of our members spend less time commuting and more time cooking or taking up a hobby. We can even find more time to work on things we are passionate about.

Let us try to learn from this situation and grow to be better. We have so much to be proud of as Public Servants and I want to thank you, our members for all you do for Canadians across this country. Be safe, be kind, get involved!

In Solidarity,

Sandra Harrington
Secretary – UTE Local 00014