NPSW Message from our Chief Stewards

Our names are Cathy and Sue and we are the chief stewards of UTE Hamilton Local 00014. We, like you, are also public servants – something we should all be proud of. Public servants have always been at the forefront and behind the scenes in delivering services to Canadians. Over the last few months, we have been very much in the limelight as we have delivered services over and above anyone’s expectations. We have shown that public servants are not only amazing but also essential. Services have been rolled out in ways and numbers thought impossible months ago. Public servants, unions and management came together to deliver what Canadians needed. We are proud of what was accomplished together and are sending this message to wish all of you a great National Public Service Week.

As we move into the next phase of business on July 2nd, it is important to remember that we continue to work without a contract with our employer. Our previous contract expired in October 2016 and our last pay increase was in 2015. Strike votes that were being held in March were put on hold to guard the health of our members. As the employer’s business resumption plan rolls out in July, we will be asked once again to redefine our work life and how we carry out our responsibilities. Let’s consider this as an opportunity to remind management that we haven’t forgotten that it’s been almost 4 years since we had a contract. Let’s remind them how highly we’ve been praised and thanked from the Prime Minister and many more. Your action can be just a simple statement made at a team meeting but this small message multiplied by every member will become a loud shout for action. We must communicate to our employer that while we appreciate the thank you’s and praises, we’d appreciate a fair contract much more!

In solidarity,

Catherine Majore and Sue Borthwick
Your proud Chief Stewards
UTE Local 00014 Hamilton