Bargaining & Nomination/Election Committee Volunteers Needed

Local Nomination/Election Committee The three year term of the current local executive is coming to an end and as a local we are required to hold elections. As part of this process, as per our local bylaws we must establish a nomination/election committee. It will be the nomination/election committee’s job to: accept nominations for the elected positions on the local executive; conduct a (virtual due to COVID-19) candidate meet & greet; conduct the election (with PSAC assistance); and report the results of the election to the members at our Annual General Membership Meeting to be held in early 2021. We are expecting to conduct both voting and our Annual General Meeting in a virtual manner with the assistance of the PSAC. Two of the most important points in our local’s bylaws (bylaw 14) state: 

  • The Nomination/Election Committee shall be appointed by the Local Executive by November 30th of the year preceding an election year, and shall be composed of three (3) members of the Local.
  • No candidate for election may sit on the Nomination/Election Committee for that year.

Therefore we are seeking three volunteers from the membership to act on the nomination/election committee. If you are interested, please send an email with an explanation of why you would be a good candidate for this committee to Sandra Harrington at Emails must be received no later than Friday November 27th.

Bargaining Committee

As part of the collective bargaining process, locals submit bargaining demand suggestions to our Bargaining Team during the upcoming “Call for Bargaining Demands”. Locally we establish a Bargaining Committee that will go through all of the bargaining demand suggestions members in our local make. It’s the Bargaining Committee’s job to make recommendations to the executive on what bargaining demands should be forwarded to the Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team will then prioritize demands based on what they receive from all of the UTE locals from across the country. 

This committee will be headed by one of our chief stewards (Peter Cloidt) as well as a handful of other members. This is an opportunity to have a hand in what is negotiated at the bargaining table with our employer! If you are interested, please send an email with an explanation of why you would be a good candidate for this committee to Sandra Harrington at