Hamilton Local 00014 Union of Taxation Employees Update

The results are in! We have a new executive who will start once we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday February 11th.  As soon as we get our registration going, we will let you know how to log in and enjoy your virtual AGM. There will be more to come on that in the near future.

For the next term your new executive will be:

Ingrid Ritums President

Gina Degner 1st Vice President

Catherine Majore 2nd Vice President

Christine MacCharles Treasurer

Jehn Burkowski Secretary

Again, these new position do not start until after the AGM. The current executive is still here for you until that date.

First, I would like to thank our volunteers who stepped up for the Nominations Committee. A big thank you to Teresa Geoghegan, James Beavers, and Deanna Allain.  Although we did not have to have an election, we still appreciate that you made yourself available. Excellent job fielding questions and working with our Regional Vice President (RVP) Jamie vanSydenborgh.

Second, I would like to graciously thank Sandra Harrington our Secretary, Peter Cloidt our Chief Steward, and Sandra Prohaska our 1st Vice President for their continued help and their service to membership. They are still part of the executive and still representing you during what might be a bit of an extended wait for our AGM date to be confirmed.

Once we have our AGM, the newly elected executive will make a call for stewards. If you wish to continue to be a steward or want to become a steward, please let us know. Our by-laws ask that you attend the meetings and help with various functions of the union. You are also there to represent the members. We have been finding new ways to engage our stewards in this virtual world. It is not as fun as our in person meeting is, but with some innovation, I am sure we can improve our engagement. In addition, I have been pressing our national union to provide you with a virtual grievance-handling course. The national union is developing a new virtual course to provide training to our stewards.

Please join me in welcoming our new executive and thank you to all that have served the membership during this challenging year.

In solidarity,

Gina Degner