Lynda Keegan-Dudley

Lynda Keegan-Dudley (currently on leave)

Shop Steward

Lynda was temporarily employed with the Canada Revenue Agency from February to April 2003 for the clerical unit at the call centre, then rehired in November 2003 and moved around from ATS to GST/HST Rulings where she was converted to a permanent position. In 2011 she returned to the call centre and has worked there ever since.

Lynda became a contact union steward in 2005 and a sworn in steward in 2007. Lynda has a desire to help members navigate the performance system and volunteers her own personal experience to help others.

Lynda’s experience includes past membership in CUPE and OPSEU unions which also means she has municipal, provincial and federal union experience. As a teenager, Lynda joined her mother, a vice president of a municipal union, on the picket line where her early interest in union activism originated.