Sandra Harrington

Sandra Harrington


Sandra has worked at the CRA in Hamilton for the past 18 years in various areas and roles. This has included working as a Business Window Phone Agent, Business Window Resource Officer, Trainer, Recruiter, Training Coordinator and Team Leader in the Call Centre. Sandra also has experience as the On-Loan Officer for the United Way and currently works in CPP/EI Rulings.

Sandra’s interest in activism started at a young age, sitting at the dinner table with her father who was an employee and union member at Stelco; discussing politics as well as his work and the union.

“I understand how many people feel about unions representing the worker that doesn’t seem to be the best quality employee however I was always taught to not judge people or situations without having a full grasp of all the facts. Every member deserves representation and fair treatment! I’ve always felt strongly about supporting the underdog and not allowing anyone to be bullied.

I feel that it’s up to each person to get involved in order to see real change. We are stronger in numbers! I want every member to know they can count on me to try my hardest and to be there for them. Never hesitate to contact me or any other member of your executive as we are elected to serve you and represent you. Although these are volunteer positions we take them very seriously and hope you know how hard we are working to make our members feel safe in their jobs and supported by their union!”