Strike Q&A

We’re posting answers to the questions we’re being asked most frequently. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, email us and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can.

PSAC has also created a Strike Vote FAQ, which covers a wide range of topics.

  1. if you received this email, you’re on the list for the local.
  2. if you’re still unsure, email us and we will check.

One way to check is to visit the PSAC national site. If you click on “forgot your username or password,” you’ll be asked to enter your email address to recover it. If you are already registered, you’ll get the password recovery information. If not, you won’t receive password recovery information and you can go ahead and create a profile.

You can also go and just try creating a profile – if your email address is already registered, the system will tell you rather than letting you create an account.

Finally, if you received strike vote credentials (your ballot number and pin) by email, that email address is the one associated with your PSAC profile (and, yes, you have a PSAC portal account in that case).

Let’s be clear: no one wants to go on strike. But, a strong strike mandate tells our employer that we’re done waiting for them to engage in the bargaining process in good faith. Voting against a strike mandate tells our employer that you’re fine with the way things are. Support your bargaining team, your local, and your colleagues and vote YES.

UTE National President Marc Brière made this short video: Strike Mandate: What to Expect that will answer many of your questions.

  1. For best results, search your email on a laptop/desktop, rather than a mobile device. Check your spam/junk folders, and if you’re a Gmail user, check in the “promotions” tab as well.
  2. If you still can’t find them, click here to email the Toronto regional office vote mailbox. You will need to provide the following information:
    • Full name
    • your PSAC id (if you know it)
    • Department you work for
    • Job Classification (e.g., SP-04)
    • your PERSONAL email address
    • PERSONAL phone number (or cell number)
    • complete home/mailing address including your postal code

Technically, this is a question for your team leader/manager; but, if we are on strike, there is no reason to access work devices/systems unless you’re an essential worker. For questions and clarifications, please speak with your supervisor.

If you are receiving PSAC, UTE, Local 00014, or CRA candidate portal emails to your work address, you should be updating your contact information to a personal email address (whether we go on strike or not).

(If you need help with the Candidate Portal, contact their helpdesk.)