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UTE-SEI Local 00014 (Hamilton, ON) represents members working in the Southern Ontario Tax Services Office locations at 55 Bay Street North, and 120 King Street West (including those who are reporting virtually to this TSO).

Local 00014 Executive

Ingrid Ritums (on leave)
1st Vice President
Gina Degner (acting President; she/her)
2nd Vice President
Catherine Majore (she/her)
Christine MacCharles (she/her)
Kerry Turcotte (she/her)
Co-Chief Steward
Murtaza Rangwala
Co-Chief Steward
Rob Bieber (he/him)

Local 00014 Stewards

  • Anna Monnie (she/her)
  • Charlene Malcew
  • Christine Campbell (she/her)
  • Colin Tweel
  • David Gonsalves
  • Deanna Allain
  • Evelyn Palidwor (she/her)
  • Gabriel Haim (he/him)
  • Jenny Buac
  • Julian Nicholson (he/him)
  • Marvin Garlow (he/him)
  • Meaghan Horn
  • Nicole Lacroix (she/her)
  • Olu (Hajarat) Salami (she/her)
  • Patricia Dubovan
  • Rabia Zaheer (she/her)
  • Simon Harrison (he/him)
  • Stephanie Malko-Street (she/her)
  • Steven Long (he/him)
  • Terri McGillivray (she/her)