CRA Files A Complaint to Deny Workers a Fair Contract

After a townhall full of inaccuracies and non-answers, CRA has taken their complete disregard for their workers to a new level. It’s curious how CRAs bargaining team has time to waste with misrepresentations and stalling tactics; and town halls full of empty platitudes but they can’t just sit down and do the work that would get workers a reasonable contact that actually reflects a genuine appreciation of our hard work when Canada needed us the most.

Excerpt from PSAC statement:

Throughout bargaining, the conciliation process and Public Interest Commission hearings, the government has made their position clear. They expect workers to take a real pay cut by accepting a wage offer far below inflation. They refuse to negotiate remote work and better work-life balance at the table. They have also rejected our calls for mandatory anti-oppression training for all workers and managers.

We are tired of empty promises and platitudes. Bargain in good faith, present a real offer, and do it NOW.