Get support

Members can contact us for assistance with any challenges they’re facing in the workplace. We can assist with conflict resolution; accommodations, support during performance & disciplinary meetings; filing complaints/grievances under the collective agreement.

Contacting the local does not obligate you to take any action, or file any grievances. We are here to support you in whatever way suits you best whether that is an opportunity to vent, to learn about the collective agreement, to be referred to other supports, or to participate in a grievance process.

Please provide a personal (i.e., not work) email address that you check regularly.
Please provide your personal phone number (i.e., not your work phone number).
If no preference is provided, we will contact you by email.
Provide as much, or as little information about the situation as you are comfortable with. The local will assign a steward to reach out to you to talk about your situation and options for facilitating a resolution. Submitting this form does not obligate you to take any particular actions.