Open Forum

Sisters, brothers, and friends, 

It has been a brutal week on the heels of a difficult year for 00014 members.  

Our national employer’s complete lack of respect for collective bargaining; the union-management process; and our membership and their dedication to serving Canadians has been growing more brazen all year. Between the loss of more than 400 members in the ITE contact centre and the changes to ROOP, this week has been devastating and exhausting. We want to gather the membership to debrief, and to stand in solidarity and mutual support. 

Please join us at 7pm on Wednesday, May 8 for a
UTE Local 00014 Membership Open Forum.

To be clear: there is no agenda for this event, and we may not have ready answers to all of your questions (we will do our best to find them, always). We can’t undo the harm done, but we can support each other while we deal with the fallout. Please share this invitation with other UTE Local 00014 members who might otherwise miss it. All members are welcome!

In solidarity, always,
the Local 00014 executive