Contact Centre Hours of Work

UTE National has asked us to share the information below with our members who are employed in the SOTSO contact centres. If you have any questions, or are experiencing some/all of the situations below, please contact the local to get support.

In solidarity,
Local 00014 executive

CRA Call Centre Members – Hours of Work

April 2, 2024

Hello Sisters, Brothers and Friends,

Your Call Centre Committee has been in discussions for many months with the CRA regarding hours of work. To be clear,

  • UTE does not agree with the employer that our members are shift workers; 
  • UTE does not agree that our members are not paid overtime for weekend work; and 
  • UTE does not agree that if members are only given one day of rest between shifts that they are not entitled to overtime at the appropriate rate as per our collective agreement.
  • Additionally, for some members these “shifts” may cause problems related to family care.

f you are experiencing any of the above, we urge you to reach out to one of your local union representatives for assistance in filing any or all of the below grievances.

This grievance if you are required to work Saturdays

This grievance if the employer is forcing you to work past 6pm.

This grievance if the employer is unwilling to accomodate you related to disability or family status related to these shifts.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please contact one of your local union representatives.

In Solidarity,
Union of Taxation Employees Call Centre Committee