Q&A with Local 00014 President, Gina Degner

FYI the employer will not allow me to answer your union questions. They don’t want me using the employer’s email. Or attending stand-ups to let you know about what is happening with your Union. That is terrible! You deserve to know!

In solidarity,


If you’ve got a question for Gina, you can submit it here.


This should have happened in your orientation session. If it was missed, here is the link and instructions. Some members missed the follow up email from PSAC. If this is the case, just do the registration again.

When completing the application for membership the first six fields should be completed as follows:

  • PSAC ID: Please leave this field blank
  • Employer: Canada Revenue Agency in Dropdown
  • Department: Auto-populates to Canada Revenue Agency or choose this from the drop down menu
  • Local: 00014

All other information on the form is your own personal information plus your home phone number. Please put your personal e-mail address, not your work e-mail address. Make sure to also click the box at the end of the page acknowledging that you’ll get an e-mail to your personal e-mail address that you’ll need to respond to. You can then click “Submit”.

Please make sure you respond to the email from PSAC and sign your form from that email. This way your RAND card will be submitted and you will be a member in good standing with PSAC and UTE. A union card will come in the mail for you, but this will take some time.  

There are several different websites that you can register to be on their mail out and email list. Also you can access these websites at any time for the most up to date information concerning your union:

UTE Local website: http://ute-hamilton.ca/      only on personal device, to join our list go under “stay in touch”  

UTE National website: https://www.ute-sei.org/en to join the list, go to “resource for members”, then “join our mailing list”

PSAC Ontario website: http://ontario.psac.com/ to join the list, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill it out.

PSAC National website: http://psacunion.ca/  have a look, lots of good information here.

For in person strike voting sessions you will get a reminder email 5-6 hours prior to your session. Show up 30 minutes early with a mask and ID. They will do an information session then you will vote. (not sure if 30 minutes is necessary as I can’t see long line ups)

For virtual strike voting sessions, you will get a reminder that day, show up 5 minutes early. You will log into the portal, click on the button to join the virtual session. Again, an information session will be given and then you will vote.

If you are interested in joining as a steward, we need a short write up to say why you want to join. You can send your information directly to the chief stewards by visiting this page.

Glad you asked! Go to this link: Bargaining | Union of Taxation Employees (ute-sei.org) See the January 14, 2022 “Bargaining underway with CRA” message for an overview of the demands. Feel free to read all updates after that date. You might end up knowing more than me!